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Introducing Kiwi Dave

Positive Skeptic Asking Better Questions

Successful corporate manager and a savvy business owner in the not so distant past, Toastmaster veteran and current President of Wellington NSANZ, Dave Stonyer brings you a fresh unbiased insight about those perceived to be 'difficult people' with an unexpected twist of their positive influence on team performance. Dave's keynotes and workshops are based on accumulated life long experience and offer valuable distinctions able to dramatically improve team performance and lighten the management burden of fighting with the special breed of so called 'difficult people'.

Managers at all levels will benefit from learning to instantly recognise this distinction in every team and will be armed with tools and techniques to turn 'perceived negativity' into opportunities for personal and professional growth as well as productive outcomes for their business units.

Individuals, often smart, but appearing to be negative, will learn how to become a positive sceptic, change their relationships with colleagues for the better and open doors for career development.

Speaking About

Catering for senior management, middle management and employees, Dave Stonyer is offering three variations of his insights to maximise the benefit of his findings for your audience. Choose the level that is right for your audience now.

How to Create Opportunities by Asking Better Questions
How to Manage A Skeptic
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